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Service of process is the procedure employed to give legal notice to a person (such as a defendant) of a court or administrative body's exercise of its jurisdiction over that person so as to enable that person to respond to the proceeding before the court, body or other tribunal.


Usually, notice is furnished by delivering a set of court documents (called "process") to the person to be served. Each jurisdiction has rules regarding the means of service of process. Typically, a summons and related documents must be served upon the defendant personally, or in some cases upon another person of suitable age and discretion at the person's residence or place of business or employment. In some cases, service of process may be effected through the mail as in some small claims court procedures.


In exceptional cases, other forms of service may be authorized by procedural rules or court order, including service by publication when an individual cannot be located in a particular jurisdiction. Proper service of process initially establishes personal jurisdiction of the court over the person served. If the defendant ignores further pleadings or fails to participate in the proceedings, then the court or administrative body may find the defendant in default and award relief to the claimant, petitioner or plaintiff.


Service of process must be distinguished from service of subsequent documents (such as pleadings and motion papers) between the parties to litigation. Because law enforcement is so overwhelmed with this task, they are unable to take the time or expend the additional funding necessary to develop a strategy designed to predict and then surprise these individuals with service. The vast majority of process service requests are from clients who have been unable to serve the defendant or respondent by conventional means. We know how to get this done without a lot of fuss even in cases where the individual is skilled at evading the service.


It is not uncommon for a defendant who has experience in due process to avoid the local authorities. Perfecting process on troublesome individuals is a skill, and hiring an agent with the experience to get this done in a timely manner may ensure that process is made before a statute of limitation could bar your action.


Arellano Process Services of Pueblo is able to serve legal process and provide an affidavid as proof of service. Whether you need service of a criminal subpoena, divorce paperwork, child custody or support orders or civil process service, we can handle your service quickly and professionally.




STATE LAW, 13-90-115 C.R.S.,
Requires that a process server must be over age of 18 years. Server may not be a party to action or proceeding. Proof of service by affidavit of server showing time, place and manner in which service was made as well as the name of the person upon whom such service was made.